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vity in a f●oreign land means ennui and a stirring of● the Wanderlust.I packed my “swag” hurrie●dly, therefore, and an hour later was sl●ipping down the Woosung on board the ▓Chenan of the Nippon Yusen Kaisha.Among sever▓al hundred third-class passengers I was the on▓ly European; but I have yet t▓o be treated more considerately by fellow▓-travelers.Our sleeping quarters consist▓ed of two inclined platforms run▓ning half the length of the ship, ▓on which, in my ignorance, I neglected to p▓reempt a claim.But I lost nothing thereby, fo●r no sooner was it noised among the Japane▓se that an American was unprovided for, th●an a doze


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    駈ts returning from Pekin, and, by packin●g ourselves together like spoons, we fou▓nd room w


    ithout depriving any ot●her of his quarters. Three times d●aily we filed by the galley and receive●d each a small wooden box divi▓ded into three compartments; the lar▓ger contained rice, the smaller, oily vegetables▓ and tiny baked fish.With eac▓h meal came a new pair of chopsticks▓.Japanese food does not appeal greatly to t▓he white man’s appetite; but the food s●upplied on the Chenan was 461fa▓r less depressing to the spirits than the stee●rage rations on many a transatlantic li▓ner. On the second morning out, the rolling ▓green hills of Japan rose slowly above the sun-▓flecked sea.My companions h


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    ure●-framed harbor of Nagasaki was little▓ less charming than that of Hong Kong; from▓ the water’s edge rose an undula

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    tin●g, drab-roofed town that covered the low coa●st ranges like a wrinkled brown carpet●, and faded away in the blue wr

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    eaths o▓f hillside forests. The port▓ was bustling with activity.Sampans, in which ●stood policemen in snow-white un


    iforms, ●scurried towards us.Close at hand two ●dull grey battle ships scowled out across th▓e roadstead.Doctors, custom officers, and ●gendarmes crowded on board.For▓ the first time in months I was sensi▓ble of being in a civilized coun●try.In co

    nsequence there were formali▓ties without number to be gone through; but ●a sailor’s discharge is a passport in any ▓land.By blazing noonday I h●ad stepped ashore. CHAPTER ▓XXI WANDERING IN JAPAN “Set me down at the Sa▓ilors’ Home,” I ord

    ered, stepping into the▓ first ’rickshah to reach me. ● “No good,” answered the runne●r, dropping the shafts.“Sailor H▓ome he close.” “We’ll go and see,” I repl▓ied, knowing the ways of ’ri●ckshah-men. But the Home was▓ unoccupied


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    , sure enough, and its windows b●oarded up.The runner assumed th▓e attitude of a man who had

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    been insulted ●without reason. “Me know ver’ fine hot●el,” he said, haughtily, “M●any white sailor man stop.Me takee there.Ver〃埊 fine.” I acquiesced, and h▓e jogged out along the strand driveway and ●halfway round the sparkling har▓bor.Near

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    the top of one of the ridges on which ▓Nagasaki is built he halted at● the foot of a flight of stone step●s cu

    Sleep is overrated anyway.? In?/span>

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    t in a hillside. “Hotel to▓pside,” he panted, pointing upward. ● In the perfumed grove at the summit st▓ood a house so frail and dainty that it seeme▓d a toy dwelling.Its courtyar▓d was gay with nodding flowers▓, about the veranda posts twined red-blos●somed vines.In the doorway stood a▓ Japanese woman, buxom, yet pretty.Though he●r English was halting, her welcome was▓ most cordial.She led the way to a quaint▓ly decorated chamber, arranged cushions, and b▓ade me sit down.I laid aside my● bundle and gazed out across t▓he panorama of the harbor, delicate in c●oloring; a scene rarely equaled in any c?/p>